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Morska Stocznia Remontowa S.A.

Morska Stocznia Remontowa S.A. in Świnoujście (Ship Repair Yard JSC in Swinoujscie) provides services within repair and reconstructing sea vessels and building steel constructions, including off-shore. The existing technical and infrastructural base and very well-equipped repair wharfs and docks allow for simultaneous realisation of projects for multiple recipients.


  • 2 docks for repairing underwater part of ships up to 120 m long and 19 m wide
  • 700 m of repair wharfs allowing for repairing ships of 6.50 m in draught and 180 m in length
  • Self-driving cranes with hoisting capacity up to 100 Mg
  • Wharf cranes with hoisting capacity up to 20/12.5 Mg and maximum reach up to 32 m
  • Halls allowing for realization of comprehensive repairs, construction and maintenance of large-sized constructions

■ System ISO 9001– repairs and reconstructions of ships, building steel constructions,
including offshore, certified by Germanischer Lloyd Certification (GLC)
and Polish Register of Ships (PRS),
■ System AQAP 2110 – "NATO reuqirements regarding ensuring quality in designing, development works and production" certified by Quality and Management Systems Plant,
■ System based on the standard – EN-ISO 3834-2 "Requirements regarding the quality of welding metal materials – Part 2: Full quality requirements”,
■ Management System based on the standard – PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 „General requirements regarding competences of research and standardisation laboratories” – TUV Nord,
■ Certificate confirming the ability of the Company of singular production, in accordance with the directive 97/23/EC.



■ a comprehensive reconstruction of the power room,
■ repair and general diagnostics of main engines and current generators, fuel pumps
injectors, speed regulators and electric engines,
■ comprehensive repair of shaft lines and screw propellers,
■ replacement of piping in the machine room, in the tanks and on board,
■ servicing and maintenance of machines and electric installations,
■ hull and welding works - replacement of the sheets, sheathing of the hull and cargo bay,
■ cleaning, painting and maintenance works,
■ plater works and mechanical processing,
■ woodworking and upholstering works,
■ repairing the on-board equipment,
■ installation and repair of radio and navigation devices.

Building steel and aluminium constructions, including offshore:
■ T-shaped girders, box girders and knots,
■ main and openwork decks, external passages, frames,
■ well towers for platforms,
■ large-sized constructions,
■ piping stanchions, carrying constructions for piping,
■ gratings, rails, ladders and gangways,
■ elements of cranes, truss, overhead cranes.

■ NORSOK M-101
■ NORSOK M-102
■ NORSOK M- 501
■ NORSOK M-601
■ DNV-OSC 401

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